One time events are listed in Red.


Club Meeting:   Every 2nd Wednesday of the month, 7:30 pm at the Marconi Club, Commonwealth Ave, Sagamore .

New meeting time —  7:30 pm

Note: Adams Street in Bourne  is now a one-way street.

(Adams street is the one that connects to Commonwealth Ave.)


Next Meeting:  9/12/18


NOTICE;   Effective 8/8/2018

The requirement that all members join GOAL has been rescinded.

The requirement that all members join the NRA is still in effect.

At the September meeting (9/12/2018) there will be a discussion on what gun rights organizations are available in Massachusetts and which ones, if any, we will be required to join.

Currently there are three front runners — Here are their web sites —

Mass Gun Rights MAGR


Commonwealth Second Amendment (Comm2A)



Check out the New “For Sale” Bulletin Board at the Range for some great deals

Found at the entrance to the range — IPSC Torso Gong Target (contact an officer for info to retrieve it)

Reloading/gun Magazines for your enjoyment are also located at the range

Snubby Shoot:  Every 1st  Sunday of the month at the club range 10:00 am Snubby

Military Shoot: Every 2nd Sunday of the month at the club range 10:00 am. Military

 August shoot: Third Sunday (Aug 19) 10:00 am Bowling Pin shoot (center fire pistols/revolvers) loaded to standard velocities, no magnum loads. Wrap around eye protection in mandatory!

Bowling pin shooting is a shooting sport (primarily handguns) in which the competitors race against one another to knock standard bowling pins from a table in the shortest elapsed time. Pin shooting is often described as one of the most enjoyable shooting games and one of the easiest means of introducing a new shooter into regular competitive shooting.

August 26 Shoot: (forth Sunday of the month).22 Rifles at 100 yards

September Shoot: tbd



Coming soon  Spinster – Motorized Target Go-Round (Spinster)


  The Range has been reserved for training MAY 27 (Sunday) 9:am – 1 pm for active club members and a guest

Postponed to a date yet to be named

1. Course introduction with overview of range rules.

2. Review of Massachusetts firearms laws.  Including new material from the ATF.

3. Review of safe firearm transportation and storage.

4. Review of firearm best safe direction and demonstration of modern handguns new to the market along with some new rifles and shotguns.  Kulas will be providing these firearms.  The goal is to understand loading and unloading and if you encounter these firearms at the range you are familiar with them.

4.Introduction to Personal Protection In The Home.  This will be a overview of the complete course and upon successful completion the ability to participate in that course to be held at a later date.

Question and answer session.

We will offer a rain date if necessary.  To sign up please give us a call or send a email with the number of attendees along with your preferred contact method if weather cancels the event.

Email is

Phone is 508-392-9263


Cost: $20. to be paid at the event. Profits to be retained by the club.

What to bring: Eye and Ear protection and if available a Defensive pistol and 50rds of ammo.  If you do not have one we will gladly loan you one.

We will be providing coffee and snacks.  Please dress warm as we will be outside.

Class will be interactive with the participants including live fire drills.  Demo firearms will be available along with ammo.


 These targets are for .22 use ONLY!

A shot count log book is at the range to log the number of rounds expended  —  Just the number of rounds and the date.  (Part of the environmental requirements) It’s in the Red box

Special Reminders:

Just an early reminder to all members, dues will be due by or at the September meeting, AND you must be a paid up member of both GOAL and the NRA to remain a member of the Sagamore Rifle and Pistol Club. This year we will be checking all the membership expiration dates of both GOAL and NRA to make sure everyone is in compliance so don’t forget to include a copy of the cards if you mail in your dues or make sure you have the cards with you if you pay at the meeting. This is a rule of the club and all must comply, plus, we get our liability insurance from the NRA at a much lower price than in the open market and they require membership. Remember, this is an early reminder as dues are not due until the September meeting so you have a few months before you have to remember them.


Make sure everyone has eye/ear protection before firing

Clear the Range and have firearm actions open before going down range



 UP COMING PROJECTS AT THE RANGE (dates forthcoming)


Backstop to be sifted and graded, green mat to be replaced

Replace Range right boundary 4×4

Painting Trim — on hold