One time events are listed in Red.


Club Meeting:   Every 2nd Wednesday of the month, 7:30 pm at the Marconi Club, Commonwealth Ave, Sagamore .

New meeting time —  7:30 pm

Next Meeting:  10/9/19    (New Key’s)

Also, dues are due. You must have your dues paid before or at the September meeting. If you fail to pay them by then, you have 30 days to get them paid with a 10% late fee, which is the October meeting. If they are not paid by then you will be dropped from the club and will have to go through the process all over again to get back in. Anyone with financial difficulties by the September meeting can contact the treasurer directly and we can make arrangements as we have in the past.

Check out the New “For Sale” Bulletin Board at the Range for some great deals.   anyone need a truck? Trailer?


Snubby Shoot:  Every 1st  Sunday of the month at the club range 10:00 am Snubby

Military Rifle Shoot: Every 2nd Sunday of the month at the club range 10:00 am. Military

Bowling Pin Shoot: Evert 3rd Sunday of the month at the club range 10:00 am

Fourth Sunday Shoot (9/22/19): .22 Rifle at 25/ 50 yards (paper silhouettes)



 These targets are for .22 use ONLY!

A shot count log book is at the range to log the number of rounds expended  —  Just the number of rounds and the date.  (Part of the environmental requirements) It’s in the Red box

UP COMING EVENTS AT THE RANGE (dates forthcoming)


 UP COMING PROJECTS AT THE RANGE (dates forthcoming)


Backstop to be sifted and graded, green mat to be replaced

Replace Range right boundary 4×4

Painting Trim — on hold