Club Meeting:   Every 2nd Wednesday of the month, 7:30 pm at the Marconi Club, Commonwealth Ave, Sagamore .

Next Meeting:  4/8/20  
Annual meeting in May
date & time coming

NOTICE — This site will be retired shortly

The new site is

Both will have the same info — different format

 Check out the New “For Sale” Bulletin Board at the Range for some great deals.   anyone need a truck?

  1. Snubby Shoot, First Sunday of the Month at the Club Range 10am Snubby
  2. Military Shoot, Second Sunday of the Month at the Club Range 10am Military
  3. Bowling Pin Shoot, Third Sunday of the Month at the Club Range 10am Bowling
  4. Theme Shoot (.22 Rifle), Fourth Sunday of the Month at the Club Range   Know Your Limits(50yds)
  5. Open Shoot, Fifth Sunday of the month at the Club Range
A shot count log book is at the range to log the number of rounds expended  —  Just the number of rounds and the date.  (Part of the environmental requirements) It’s in the Red box
New Targets are now available for use at the Range
Know Your Limits
Steel Bowling Pins
UP COMING EVENTS AT THE RANGE (dates forthcoming)
.22 Rifle Shoot
Range Cleanup
Replace Range right boundary 4×4, add green mat at the backstop

   Stuff we’re thinking about —

Thought about it  —-  new bench is at the range

New Benches





page updated 3/19/20




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